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Are you looking to build a concrete foundation for your new home, garage, or addition? Sarty Design specializes in concrete design and installation for residential properties.

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Why Chose ICF Over a Traditional Concrete Foundation?

There are many advantages to ICF foundations, especially in colder climates. ICF foundations offer more controlled, consistent insulation from cold and moisture, are stronger and more durable over time, and are more energy efficient than poured foundations.


ICF foundations use more rebar than traditional forming, making them far stronger. Rebar adds tension-resisting forces to the concrete, reinforcing the overall strength of the structure.


When it comes to durability, ICF has you covered. Because the forms themselves are made of a permanent insulation, you are not at risk of your insulation falling out, being forgotten, or only being partially put in place. ICF foundations completely surround your concrete with insulation. The extra insulation prevents cold from moving through the concrete as quickly as a traditional poured concrete foundation. This prevents frost from forming on the inside of the concrete wall and saves you from water damage when seasons change and this frost starts to melt.


ICF foundations can actually save you money on your energy bills! Studies show that ICF homes require 32% less energy to cool and 44% less energy to heat than traditional homes.


If you plan on having a finished basement or basement suite, an ICF foundation will make a world of difference!

ICF foundations offer a warmer, drier, more comfortable living experience for basement tenants. Because they are moisture and mould resistant, air quality is increased in an ICF basement. This type of foundation also helps to absorb and release thermal energy throughout the day, which helps keep room temperature stable. ICF foundations are also great at reducing noise transmission to keep your basement quieter.

All-Inclusive Concrete Foundation Services

Our services include a pre-construction phase for your poured concrete foundation, followed by an installation phase. You can also expect in-depth project management and monitoring throughout the entire project.

The concrete foundation pre-construction phase includes:

  • Advanced conceptual design and planning
  • Detailed estimate for labor, service, and time needed for project completion

The concrete foundation installation and construction phase includes:

  • Excavation and backfilling of soil
  • Formwork design and installation
  • Foundation placement and installation
  • Reinforcement and finishing