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Insulated Concrete Pools Vs. Fibreglass Pools

Sarty Design explains the difference and the many advantages of installing insulating concrete form (ICF) pools vs. standard fibreglass or steel kit pools. Did you know that Insulated Concrete Forms were first designed for home and commercial construction before being utilized to create perfect custom pools?

This hardy and affordable construction material is durable, energy-efficient, and creates a breathtaking oasis that you, your family, and guests will enjoy for many years to come. We'll do our best to answer your questions in the text below. However, we invite you to give us a call for personalized answers to specific inquiries.

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What Are ICF Pools?

Insulated Concrete Form pools are an intelligent way to achieve the backyard pool of your dreams without any problems. While pools made from other materials tend to leak and run into different types of trouble, you can be sure an ICF pool will require significantly much less maintenance.

Benefits of Installing an ICF Pool

Why choose an ICF pool, and what benefits does this type of innovation provide? Allow us to give you a brief outline of some of the ways ICF pools outshine the competition:

  • ICF pools offer much quicker construction and are more environmentally friendly than traditional pools
  • Up to 60% heat loss reduction, meaning your heater won't be running all summer long!
  • It stays warmer longer so you can enjoy swimming for more time at the end of each pool season
  • Less repair and maintenance is required for ICF pools than for fibreglass pools, which may crack as the ground shifts and settles
  • You can enjoy lower monthly utility expenses than if you were to install a fiberglass, or steel pool
  • ICF pools are built strong and made to last much longer than other types of pool materials
  • You can customize your pool design to your taste

The above list is by no means complete. Reach out today to learn more about how choosing ICF pays off now and in the long run.

Customize Your ICF Swimming Pool Plans

Though typically rectangular, there is virtually no limit to the design options available to you for customizing your ICF swimming pool plans. We are pleased to offer a wide range of designs and will gladly take the time to design a pool that's perfectly suited to the needs of your family.

Some of our recent designs have included:

  • Full width stairs,
  • Built-in sun deck for tanning,
  • Bench seating integrated into the stairs,
  • And much more!

How Much Does an ICF Pool Cost?

The cost of an ICF pool during installation is slightly more expensive than a fibreglass or steel kit pool. However, what you spend up front on construction costs, you will see returned over the course of your next few summers in your heating bill. Insulated Concrete Forms ensure that your pool will retain heat instead of allowing it to dissipate through the walls and into the ground, meaning you will not be running your expensive heater all summer long!

Consult with Reputable ICF Pool Builders

Sarty Design is proud to be among our region's top ICF pool builders. We go above and beyond to ensure your pool construction is flawless, and you are delighted with the level of craftsmanship and precision we provide.